AZ Penn State Visit

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Alpha Zeta Morrill Chapter was pleased to host the Alpha Zeta Cornell Chapter for a fun gathering from March 24th – 26th. The Morrill Chapter welcomed 12 Cornell Brothers and Sisters to stay for a weekend full of excitement and planned events. The weekend included a social event, campus tours that included visits to the HUB and the creamery (They even said that our ice cream was better than Cornell’s Dairy Barn!), and a finely prepared meal that included cajun pasta, alfredo pasta, chicken, cod, mixed salad, and mixed vegetables. We also had a fun evening downtown. It was time for the Cornell and Morrill Chapter to come together once again since it has been several years since our two chapters met last. We plan to stay in contact with one another for future events and are looking forward to planning a gathering in Ithaca, New York next Fall!

The Morrill Chapters' continued fellowship with the Cornell Chapter will be essential to enriching our chapter in scholarship, leadership, fellowship, and character as we are able to explore the culture present on their campus, meet new people both in their chapter and at their institution, and collaborate on important chapter issues such as rush, philanthropy, and social events.