The 58th Biennial Conclave

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The Morrill Chapter was able to send two of our members, Senior Ethan Jamison and Junior Rylie Hannis, to the 58th Biennial Concave hosted by the North Carolina Chapter in Raleigh, North Carolina. Students from Cornell, Townshend, Florida, Wilson, and South Dakota Chapters were in attendance as well.

The first day of the Conclave consisted of tours of North Carolina agriculture. We toured Nanues Farm, the North Carolina State University Agroecology Farm, Duplin Winery, Kornegay Family Farms, and the North Carolina State University Wolfpack Brewing Lab.

The second day of the Conclave started out with a visit to the North Carolina State Public Farmers Market and the newly built Plant Sciences Building. The second half of the day consisted of workshop sessions, most of which were focused on how to improve the chapters and how the High Council could communicate with the chapters on a more consistent level. There was also a conversation about assigning a member of the High Council to a region to act as a “liaison” to the chapters in their specific region. We also discussed increasing the relationships between the chapters that are close to each other geographically, such as the Morrill and Cornell chapters have been doing.

Overall, the Conclave was a very beneficial experience for the Morrill Chapter as it gave our participants insight on how to better our chapter and helped us understand our relationship with National Alpha Zeta and the High Council for the future. Our participants gained insight into aspects such as rush, community and philanthropy events, how to create better connections between new members and the active chapter, and even finances.

It should be one of our utmost priorities in the future to continue sending representatives from the Morrill Chapter to every Conclave and Summit so that we are able to have a say in collaborations that are going on between other chapters as well as get an insight into the decisions coming from Alpha Zeta Nationals and the High Council.