Here’s how Alpha Zeta impacted my life 

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AZ  is the place where we had a lot of firsts. It’s the place where we first ventured out of our hometowns, the first place we bonded to on campus, and the place where we first learned the true meaning of friendship. Read on to see what your brothers and sisters said on how AZ impacted their lives. 


“I went directly into the military after commissioning graduation, carried with me the ideals of our fraternity, and after I returned from Germany with my wife, Angela, AZ and Penn State was one of the 1st places we visited. I will always be proud of my roots in Alpha Zeta.”  Gary Minor ’63

“I have tried to maintain the ideals of being an ‘agriculture professional’ throughout the evolution of my career and life. I learned a lot by following the examples of brothers in leadership positions, and other little sisters who had been members longer.” Nancy (Tallman) Jury ’87