Why Brothers Give, in their own words

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When alumni give, they are making a statement about their commitment to Alpha Zeta and its impact. Everyone has their own WHY for becoming a donor. 


Here are some personal testimonials from these generous donors to inspire all of us to do our part. Thank you to these Brothers for their contributions and for sharing their thoughts: 


“My years at PSU, highlighted by all the various AZ activities, coupled with strong scholastic commitment and support, formed my "value system" that I have operated under and have been guided by my entire life.  The start of my military duty via ROTC helped establish lifelong relationships with comrades and friends. I still vividly remember the projects, rushing, mixers, Blue Book prep, and Suzie, Margie, and all my brothers. The small amount of financial support I can provide now to future generations will help advance AZ's ideals and stewardship. Fight on State and Alpha Zeta.“ - Gary Minor ‘63

“I feel that during my years at Penn State I received more from Alpha Zeta than I contributed.  Since graduation I have tried to contribute financially in some small way each year so that the fraternity will be there in the future to help more students live the Alpha Zeta experiences I enjoyed so much.“ - Richard Rein ‘63

“I believe that it is important to have a fraternity on campus that promotes scholarship and leadership as well as providing a great social life.  Alpha Zeta fits the bill. I made many wonderful, supportive friends while I was there.  Having not grown up on a farm but being interested in a career in an agriculture-related field, I learned a lot from the brothers that helped me relate to those in agriculture when I worked in the tobacco industry.  I am glad that I attended Penn State during the time that the Ag Bio Chem Dept was part of the School of Agriculture or I would have missed out on a wonderful experience.  I want the current and future students in agriculture to have that same opportunity.“ - Fred Rickett ‘61


Want to share your reason for giving? Email us or CLICK HERE and we’ll share it in our next issue. 


If these reasons for giving are meaningful to you, make your gift today.