5 Reasons AZ Still Matters After College

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For many of us, AZ was an important part of our Penn State experience. Whatever your key takeaways from your time at Penn State, I think we can all agree on this: AZ’s impact extends far beyond our brief time at the chapter house.

Here are 5 reasons AZ still matters after you graduate, according to your fellow Brothers and Sisters:

"I'd say my experience before, during and after AZ has been centered mostly around friendships. Most of my professional networking has happened as a result of dairy-specific organizations (DSCI, Holstein Association, etc.). I'll leave with you with a few more bits of AZ impact that I still use in leadership roles today; 1. The courage to stand my ground even when I knew others didn't agree with my opinion. 2. How to recruit people. 3. The importance of listening to learn from others." - Jay Shaffer '73

"Opportunities to develop leadership skills, have good friends, work together on projects; assimilate new members into the AZ traditions and standards." - Bill Bowers '69

"In my professional career, when I mention being an AZ, the level of respect is always ratcheted up a notch or three. As a writer, often interviewing people who were inexperienced with the press or who had a bad experience with the general press not understanding farmers or agri-business, there was a need to establish rapport and bona fides. I first experienced the respect Alpha Zeta commands when I applied for admission to a dual degree (bachelor of arts and bachelor of science). When I mentioned I lived in a fraternity house, the deans’ faces across from me got glum. When I mentioned which one, the lead dean simply picked up a pen and signed my application. End of interview. The worst response I ever get from being an AZ is when someone is an AGR or Farmhouse…but, after some good-natured teasing, there is tacit admission that AZ rules." - Curt Harler '72

"Being a member of a self-functioning "home" played an important part in me being able to progress to later groups of people." - Karroll Kershner '62

"Having the goal of helping to guide young people in very positive directions so that their future would lead them into a successful agricultural-related career." Richard Kessler '62

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