Alumni Updates

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Thanks to these brothers and sisters for responding to our recent alumni email survey! If you’d like to submit an update of your own for publication in an upcoming e-letter or a future edition of our alumni newsletter, email us your updates and photos at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Gary Minor ‘63

My family is coping with virus, we have 2 students at Texas A&M, living in a suburb of Ft Worth, Keller and looking forward to fall temperatures. Have not been back to AZ for years but vividly remember the many good times We had. Hope the football season is not cancelled, I very much enjoy watching, especially when they win. My favorite place at Penn state, was Wipples after pinning. I will never forget the whole process. My favorite event was the indoctrination of new pledges. The most valuable experience was social events. Living with Jenny and Susie and daily counseling was key to my experience. Good luck, keep the grades up, fraternally, Gary Minor.



Bill Bowers ‘69

I am retired after 42 years of service with USDA/NRCS as State Conservation Engineer. I have two grandchildren. Now a Penn State Master Gardener in Cumberland County, PA. AZ had my best friends, good food, and opportunities to develop leadership skills. I always enjoyed rush dinners at AZ. Got to meet new, potential members of AZ; and talk to them about what AZ stands for. It was great to help assimilate new members into the AZ traditions and standards.