Why Morrill?

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You already know the impact Greek life has—because you lived it. The term ‘social fraternity’ might give the impression that the Greek experience is superficial. But research shows that personal connections and friendships are the key to happiness.  

These lifelong relationships are only part of what makes the fraternity experience so transformational. From our career trajectories to our family’s values, our Morrill experience played a key role. Our experiences helped make us into the people we are today.  

These quotes illustrate why Greek life is and will remain a key part of the higher education experience. Keep reading to see what Morrill members had to say. 

  • The camaraderie, the connections to faculty members at Penn State who were in AZ, the great food at dinners, and the close location to campus. Mark Bridgen ‘77 
  • Coming to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Richard Kessler ‘62 
  • The Brothers I became friends with and the leadership lessons I learned at AZ helped me to be successful. Carl Brown ‘67 
  • Learning to be responsible both for each other and for the House. AZ had a reputation to uphold and we did it. Richard Criley ‘62 
  • The Brotherhood with my Alpha Zeta Brothers going through PSU and the various activities, sporting events and competitive events we participated in during those college years. And now I still have meaningful friendships with many of my fraternity Brothers many years after graduation. Frank Markland ‘57 
  • AZ and the Brothers of my era (1973 grad). I keep an eye out for any media and industry related contacts. You leave college and AZ and build a new life---whatever direction you go. Bill McMillen ‘73 
  • Relationships, friendships, and connections. My career made many turns and it ended up in aviation but there is no doubt AZ is an organization that is recognized across career fields. Jason Wolgemuth  
  • Living and learning with like-minded souls. Having a place of refuge and freedom to grow. Steve Snyder ‘73 
  • Connecting with alumni, friends and family on a professional level. The opportunities that AZ gave me helped to prepare me for my career. Lisa Rankin ‘10 
  • The most valuable part of AZ experience is the ability to network in any professional or personal environment as well as the friendships that were formed in just a few years that have carried well past our days on 360 N Burrowes. Ian Altamuro ‘11 

Here is an eBook of some of the best responses to recent a survey of Greek communities across the country. Click HERE to read the eBook.