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Daniel Wesdock, awarded Ag Student of the Month.

Mr. Daniel Wesdock has demonstrated outstanding qualities of an Ag Student!  He is a graduating senior this year majoring in Soil Science with the option of Environmental Resource Management.  Mr. Wesdock has been involved in Alpha Zeta professional agricultural fraternity since his second semester, serving as vice president in 2018 and president in 2019. Click HERE for the full story.

Empowering — one word that Diana Weidner would use to describe her Penn State experience. 

“My story is just like any college student that has a dream — I just decided to take a step forward one day,” Diana says. “Then, I took a few more — each one further from my comfort zone — until there wasn’t really a comfort zone anymore. I spent countless nights in my dorm thinking about the kind of world I wanted to live in and the kinds of communities I wish existed around me.”  Click HERE for the full story.