Undergrad Update: THON 2020

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The active members have been really involved in the fundraising efforts this year for THON. Raising $7,580; 60% of this total was from donations returned in the mail (referred to as THONvelopes) and 30% came from online donations through a platform called DonorDrive. The remaining 10% was raised from fundraisers. We thank you for your contributions to this great cause!

We are proud to announce that this year's overall THON total of $11,696,942.38 is over a million dollars more than what was raised last year.

This year the active membership hosted hot beverage sales outside the house for PSU wrestling fans attending matches in Rec Hall. And recently, a successful furniture smash fundraiser for students walking by the house. 

Sister Diana Weidner represented Alpha Zeta as a Dancer at THON.