Men and Women of Honor

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Men and Women of Honor

America is facing a crisis of community. Once-trusted institutions are plagued by scandal. Civic organizations are shrinking and you know all too well the circumstances at fraternities across the country. We are rightfully outraged by the scandal and the tragedy; but are we really better off rejecting the values and ideals that form the core of our time-honored institutions?

We can work together to revitalize fraternities by building on the positive, life-changing ideals on which they were founded. Will you get on board?

Through our experiences we became leaders while being devoted to service; we worked hard and played hard; we learned to embrace our individual strengths as part of a group; we became friends who graduated as Brothers and Sisters. 

The Greek experience is still the best internship available to college students today. Will you help to revive and sustain the important benefits that our Brother describes here?

“Fraternal life was as important and as significant as my academic education. It provided an environment that helped me to meet my professional goals and helped me to mature socially and gain the confidence to be an active part in the larger school community.”

We want to thank those men and women on our Honor Roll who have given. These members joined out Honor Roll by making a voluntary gift to support us and our desire to perpetuate something that is bigger than any one person...something that is right and good and worth passing on. Do you agree?

Make a gift today to add your name to the Honor Roll. Every gift matters, regardless of how big or small. You can help us meet the challenges and opportunities head-on for future generations. 

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Current Annual Fund Total for 2019-20: $2,670
Annual Fund Goal for 2019-20: $30,000