Morrill – A Bond Unbroken

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Thoughts on Why We Give

“When I meet a fellow alumni, unseen or without contact over many years, the connection is still felt.”

Have you ever asked yourself why you give-if you give, that is? If the statisticians are right, only one brother or sister in ten is likely to give back regularly once they put on their cap and gown.

There are lots of good reasons to give, of course. Do you believe in affording the next generation of young men and women the same experience you had with Morrill? Maybe something good happened to you just by being together in that house, sharing those experiences that helped make you who you are now.

We wanted to find out more about why people give, so we surveyed Alpha Zeta members from various chapters around the country about why they have given and continue to give back to our organization. Here’s what they said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed my college years spent as a member of Alpha Zeta and continue many of my friendships made as a direct result of that membership. When I meet a brother or sister, unseen or without contact over many years, the connection is still felt.”

“For my 10-year reunion, I caught up with a very broad range of people but spent most of my time with my fraternity class.”

“I am thankful for my fraternity experience and realize that is was only possible because of the investment of time and money from many previous members who built and maintained the facility and the culture. For this, I feel a responsibility to contribute to the continuation of Alpha Zeta on-campus.”

“Some of my fondest memories of my college experience are of my brothers and the times that we had together at the house. Contributing to the Annual Fund is a way of staying in touch with those days and providing, in some small way, a chance for the current brothers and sisters to have that same experience.”

“For my 30th birthday, we threw a party at the Alpha Zeta house.”

“Alpha Zeta was a major factor in my being able to graduate and teaching me how to act as a responsible adult. Through the fraternity and the many campus activities I was involved with, I made life-long friends. After 50+ years, our pledge class has regular reunions, so we are alumni beyond our college years. The best four years of my life!”

Is there a lesson in these responses? Certainly a common theme is connection-undimmed by time or distance-a bond unbroken.

Click HERE to give back to your brothers and the memories they provided.