Why Do You Support AZ - A Look Back

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As we cap off a great annual fund for 2017-2018, we often get asked, why do you give? The reasons are many, and Alpha Zeta is thankful that so many of its alumni continue to support its efforts. Recently, an article was found in our archives that we'd like everyone to take a moment to read, and remember why you continue to contribute to AZ. The following is from John E. Baylor '44 (Now deceased). It reads:

"As a member of the Rutgers University class of ’44, I was honored to be inducted into the Cook chapter of AZ before being called into military service in 1942. Upon returning from service in 1946, I was asked to assist in the reorganization of Cook chapter and served in leadership roles during my remaining days at RU. Once an AZ member, always an AZ member- and I’m proud to be one. As a staff member at Penn State from 1957 to 1983, I was in adult education (Extension Forage Specialist) and had limited contact with undergraduate students. One of my pleasant moments each year was a visit from new Morrill Chapter pledges seeking conversation. On a few occasions since retirement, I’ve had pleasant visits at home from AZ pledges, both young men and young ladies. Obviously, I’m still Cook chapter and I often inform new pledges because they were not familiar with it. However, I’ve been proud over the years of the great reputation of Morrill Chapter on campus. I continue to support AZ fraternity nationally and while I am a very infrequent visitor to your house on campus, I continue to be proud of you and AZ and will continue to support your efforts to the extent that I can. Keep up the good work."