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Ken Curtis '88 Has Some Advice for Alpha Zeta Alumni and Active Members

In 1988, Ken Curtis graduated Penn State University with a degree in Animal Bioscience, yet his education was not the only root he had in the university when it came to environmental sciences. Curtis was also a member of Alpha Zeta, where he felt right at home due to the honorary agricultural fraternity aligning with his GPA and common interests. The Alpha Zeta Alum truly feels that he learned more from the fraternity and his fellow Fraternity Members than from any seminar or lecture he attended.

“You can only get so much knowledge from a book,” Curtis said. “Social experiences are way more practical for winning in life.”

Some of Ken’s greatest memories included the jungle themed pledge party and the “great pledge class” that he got to experience his earliest fraternity experiences with. Those were the days that taught him instrumental life lessons and perspectives. Being social chairman, for example, taught Curtis to “get along with others in a group” as well as “manage a budget that balances various needs and wants.”

Curtis just recently opened his fifth chiropractic and medical office and has taken on many new partnerships, but he’ll always look back to the times of Alpha Zeta.

“My advice for today’s active members] is that teamwork makes the dream work,” Curtis said. “Work hard and play hard!”

Curtis wishes only the best for today’s Alpha Zetans as well as future members, but hopes that Alumni will help upkeep the tradition of Fraternity and support.

“Students have enough of a financial burden and don’t need that added stress,” he said. “[It’s our job] to keep the fraternity alive and well.”

If there’s one quality Curtis wants the members to leave Alpha Zeta with — a skill he feels is vital for life — it’s this: