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Alpha Zeta Alumni Answer The Call!

This past January, Alpha Zeta sent a letter, asking alumni for help. In the midst of one of the harshest winter seasons to date, with temperatures regularly dipping below zero, the House Furnace decided it had worked hard enough for its lifetime! That left us in quite a predicament, as you would imagine. Knowing we have an Alumni base of 1000- plus, loyal Alumni to turn to at any time, with any problem, we did just that – and immediately saw results.

Thanks to donors just like you, our annual fund and efforts to fund and install a new, double-boiler heating system, are humming like a well-oiled machine. This effort exemplifies the true meaning of Fraternity and sticking together through adversity.

Our donors have answered the call in a big way to help keep the house warm during the harsh, Central Pa winters. You can view their names HERE, and make a gift if you’d like HERE Furthermore, the statistics of our Furnace fundraising efforts are incredible, and show gifts at all levels, from all eras, and teamwork of the highest caliber. So thank you, Alpha Zeta Alumni for continuing the spirit of Fraternity and deep connection, as well as providing a warm, comfortable house for the undergraduates! Totals below as of 3/27/18 are:

  • Gifts of $1,000+ - 5
  • Gifts of $500-$999 – 10
  • Gifts of $250-$499 – 22
  • Gifts of $100-$249 – 51
  • Gifts up to $99 - 14