Alpha Zetan Thriving At Penn State

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We received the following update from Dan Frechen '11 in 2016, but would like to share it, as it is a testament to the value that AZ has for all who are involved with it. As the landscape changes, the values of AZ and Morrill Chapter remain, offering tremendous opportunity to its alumni and undergraduate base. Dan Writes:

"After completing undergrad and graduate studies focused in lighting design and horticulture at Penn State I remained in the State College area working in the landscaping field. After many years of being summer help at Toftrees Hotel and Golf Resort, I became director of ornamental landscaping of hotel and golf course grounds. After a couple years I left for Scott’s Landscaping Inc. and worked as a high-end softscape installer for 2 years. In the winter of 2015, after a six-month interview and hiring process with Penn State, I was hired as an ornamental landscape technician.

In this fantastic position, my duties include designing and renovating perennial beds, designing annual flower beds and containers (108 for me), greenhouse flower production, irrigation, lighting, and anything else to beautify main campus. In this very small and specialized landscape dept., our mission is to upgrade main campus to a higher level of botanic excellence not encountered at any other campus. The injection of rare and specimen plantings through innovative design is promoted. Over 500 floral containers now pepper campus, many receiving 4 seasons of design inputs and changouts. In 2015 alone we planted nearly 65,000 fall bulbs. Chances are high if you’re watching a PSU sporting event or reading an article with a landscape image in the background, that I was involved in designing, growing, planting, or maintaining it.

Living only a mile from campus has also allowed me to stay involved with Alpha Zeta matters. It has been a few years since I assumed the Furnishings Chair position on the Corporation Board (and Vice President as of March 2015). During this time, I conducted interior and exterior renovations with the much appreciated labor of actives and alumni, along with the continued financial support of generous alumni. In the 11 years of my involvement with AZ, I’ve seen great progress in AZ members social and professional maturity, and I am optimistic about AZ’s future, even as college dynamics increasingly challenge the fraternity system"