Truly, It’s All About The People

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Why did you join Alpha Zeta as a young undergraduate? Was it the location of the house, tucked into its prime spot on campus, just minutes from rec hall? Was it the quality of the individuals who occupied the house? We recently caught up with one of Morrill’s Undergraduate members, Scott Gardner. Read on to hear why the accounting major from Washington, PA chose Alpha Zeta as his home away from home.

Why did you choose to join Alpha Zeta? What made it stand out for you?

Gardner: “I chose Alpha Zeta because of the individuals that were involved in it. They really sold me on the entire process and were straight up with me about every question that I asked.”

What are your future plans after graduation?

Gardner: “I would like to come back to Penn State and get a masters degree in accounting and one day become a CPA. I would potentially like to own my own firm in the future.”

What types of activities/philanthropies are you involved in as part of the Fraternity?

Gardner: “I currently serve as one of the Rush chairs and am also serving on Ag Student Council as the primary representative.”

What is your favorite aspect of belonging to Alpha Zeta?

Gardner: “Truly it is just about the people. I really enjoy being around all of the friends that I have made, and also being able to spend time with them on a daily basis.”

How does it feel to know that you are surrounded by people who will be your lifelong friends?

Gardner: “It is surreal to know that the kids that I have met are going to be my friends forever. I never understood the networking that was available through this environment and it really is awesome that I am a part of it now.”