Alpha Zeta raises $8,000+ for THON

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by Emily Shaw

This year, seniors Emily Shaw and Cassandra Clark represented Alpha Zeta while dancing in THON 2017. Both have been involved in THON since they have been at University Park and were thrilled to be THON co-chairs together. The fundraising efforts started in September when multiple AZ members traveled to Carter Law’s hometown and canned in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Along with canning, donation boxes were set out at Sam Minor’s family restaurant, the Nittany Lion Fall Classic and Cara Trotter’s mother’s physical therapy office.

We also partnered with Moe’s Southwest Grill in December to hold an alternative fundraiser, and it turned out to be a great event! And as many of you have probably received before, they sent out hundreds of THONvelopes and gathered donations online. Also, our THON family, the Kemberlings, attended the THON Family Carnival and spent time with AZ members there

Chris Toeves, holding Cassie, and Cara Trotter, holding Emily, on the floor at THON. Chris and Cara were able to give the dancers a much-needed break off their feet. Photos courtesy Emily Shaw.

THON 2017 was held on the weekend of February 17th to the 19th. Both Emily and Cassie did very well and enjoyed time with the Kemberlings during the weekend. A big group from AZ claimed an area of the stands and kept it filled throughout the weekend with multiple members holding up our letters and signs. Seeing the brothers and sisters in the stands was a huge help during the weekend, as well as having multiple members visit on the floor with them. It was a truly unforgettable weekend for everyone, and Emily and Cassie are more than grateful they had the opportunity to dance. THON raised $10,045,478.44 this year and Alpha Zeta was able to contribute $8,649.92 to that total! Both dancers would just like to say THANK YOU to everyone who supported them and donated.