Alpha Zetans Gather For Unforgettable Weekend In Happy Valley

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The Oct. 22 game was quite the experience for all, but especially for Brittany Boyle, wife of Nate Boyle '08. This was her first Penn State football game. The couple attended it with Amy Yeiser Leslie '12 and Joe Leslie '09. Photos courtesy Amy Yeiser Leslie. 

About 70 alumni and friends as well as current students gathered for the Alpha Zeta tailgate held Oct. 22 prior to the Ohio State game. Phil Haussener '12, took on the task of organizing the event. He combined it with a tailgate that he and several of his friends have been organizing for the past few years.

"Eric Weyer, husband of Jessica Weyer '12 and Rob Clements did all the work for cooking the pig," Phil said. "I think this is the fifth-annual pig roast that we have done."

Also instrumental in the prep and planning was Ian Altamuro '11.

The planning crew had their work cut out for them when they discovered just a few days prior to the tailgate that Penn State had closed down the RV lots. They had to scramble to figure out a plan for the five planned campers and pig roaster. The Alpha Zeta chapter house served as the back-up location. 

But the outcome of the game certainly made up for any stress of the day and week leading up to the event. Penn State beat the No. 2 ranked Buckeyes 24-21, and Alpha Zetans witnessed an unforgettable fourth quarter. 

If you're interested in planning future Alpha Zeta alumni events, please contact Emily (Caldwell) Gwin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (724) 601-8268.

Shawn Beam '11 shows off his excitement with a signature "power point" (Photo by Phil Haussener)
Penn State beat Ohio State 24-21 in an incredible upset (Photo by Phil Haussener)