Dr. George Shook '63, To Be Honored

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Dr. George Shook, Penn State '63, arrived on the UW-Madison campus as a graduate student in 1963 and never looked back. He joined the faculty just four years later and his 38-year professional career in Madison helped shape the Department of Dairy Science and the U.S. dairy genetics industry. Dr. Shook was dedicated to all four missions of UW-Madison: research, teaching, outreach, and service. He was most recognized for his accomplishments in teaching, but George’s research solved problems for the dairy industry, and his record of service to the university and industry partners was impressive.

Best known for his research on genetic selection for resistance to mastitis, Dr. Shook’s work led directly do development of a national genetic evaluation system for U.S. dairy cattle based on somatic cell score. His early publications included studies of sire selection and mating strategies, as well as the use of computers in ration balancing. George also studied the design of breeding programs, methods for age-adjustment of lactation records and the impact of selection for increased milk yield and use of timed AI programs on reproductive performance.

A passionate mentor, Dr. Shook provided guidance to other faculty and staff, and advised graduate and undergraduate students. Many have gone on to make outstanding contributions to the U.S. dairy industry. Dr. Shook has truly served the industry as an incredible teacher, scientist, and human being.

Shook and several fellow colleague are outstanding representatives of the dairy industry and the individuals recognized as Pioneers of the National Dairy Shrine only adds to the honor roll of leaders in the National Dairy Hall of Fame.

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