AZ Undergrad Gaining Industry Experience

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Undergrad Matthew Liese is working hard on his degree from Penn State, and making all of us at AZ proud!

Q: Tell us about what you do on a daily basis at your internship and what you hope to have gained when you are finished?

Leise: “In my internship I am doing anything from riding with Dairy Feed Consultants, working with on farm trials or going out and doing some surveying work all across Pennsylvania. I am hoping to gain industry experience in the Nutrition field of the Dairy industry to be more educated on how their day to day operation works and how their products affect cattle.”

Q: What has been the most interesting aspect of your internship thus far?

Leise: “The most interesting part of my internship experience thus far has to be going out and surveying on farms on my own getting to talk and control the conversation with farmers has me by far more excited for pursuing a role like this after college.”

Q: How did you make the decision to join AZ after arriving at PSU?

Leise: “The brothers, I am both a legacy of PSU and AGR and meeting the current brothers there when I got down to University Park I did not mesh well with them. Meeting some of the brothers at AZ I got along with them really well and I already had intention of joining an Agricultural Fraternity.”

Q: What skills has AZ taught you that have prepared you for this internship and for life in general?

Leise: “My time at Alpha Zeta has prepared me to be more adaptable and professional in how I handle my day to day life and time with Cargill. These skills have helped me be more industry ready by being able to handle challenges as they come and how to handle them calmly and quickly.”

Q: What are your hopes for after graduation?

Leise: “After my days at Penn State I hope to acquire a career in the Dairy Industry as a consulting role.”

Q: What advice would you have for anyone thinking about joining AZ?

Leise: “My advice to questionable rush is to just do it, regret has been one of my biggest fears for the majority of my life but since Penn State and AZ I am quick to take on things weather I benefit from them or not. I was questionable about AZ but I took the chance and it was the best thing to prepare me for all the experiences I have been faced with since I joined.”

Q: Tell me about your favorite memory at AZ so far and why does it stand out to you?

Leise: “The Centennial is my favorite memory so far because of getting to meet and see all the alumni over the years and to just see everyone having a good time together.”

Q: Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Leise: “I see myself working with a company as a consultant growing my business and at the later point of the ten years most likely trying to start a family and settle in the best location to best suite and manage my business.”