Where Do We Stand?

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As you open this email, we’re sure you have your preconceived notions: here’s Alpha Zeta with the same old spiel about why we need money. You’re sick of reading the same story OVER and OVER again. Well, this month, we have a very different story for you.

Picture this: if something happened to you, how would your brothers know? If not that, if the actives needed a repair quickly, how would the fraternity contact you? Or if you needed something, how would you know who to email? Not everybody keeps an up-to-date contact list for many brothers to be accessed at once.

We thank all of you who have made a gift to Alpha Zeta. Thanks to you, we are at 44.67% of our donor goal! Here’s what your donation goes to:

  • Communications: e-letters and newsletters are financed through the annual fund
  • Website maintenance: a clean, crisp, and easily navigated website for you to use.
  • Database management: when there is a matter of life or death, or even when there’s no emergency at all, the database provides a comprehensive list of all alumni members.

That’s why we’re willing to invest in the annual fund. Will you make a gift to the annual fund, a service that keeps us connected? For those of you who haven’t given, how quickly do you want to be notified of a happening in the alumni group? Do you want a clean website, with very little clutter and the protection offered to make sure your photographs aren’t posted all over the internet? Do you want to have a full database that can help you reconnect with dear friends? Help us complete our goal of 150 donors, and help us maintain the services that truly make a difference in the lives of our alumni.