You Might Know How to Reach Some of Our Alumni

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We need your help. Some of our alumni have lost touch with us. Job changes, moves, technology upgrades … there are a lot of reasons that our contact information changes. But some of you might know how we can get these alumni back on our mailing and email distribution lists.

Do you have a mailing address for:

Luther D. Peck '53
John Pratt '69
Dr. William R. Prescott Jr. '79
Kristine Shive '87
Eric Smith '95
Angie Facey '01

Or an email address for:

Alan Thomas '49
Neil S. Andre '55
William D. Weaver Jr. '62
Lillie W. Ghidiu '78
Colleen Cornelius '90
William Keyes '04

Click here to see the full list of alumni with missing mailing addresses and here to see the full list of alumni with missing email addresses. From these lists, you can simply click on the name and send a private email. Or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include the name and email for each "lost" alum. Please reference Alpha Zeta PSU in your subject line.

The information in our database is used solely for Alpha Zeta PSU alumni communications and will never be traded or sold.