Alpha Zeta Receives Honor of Being Paired with Four Diamonds Family

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Written by Rebecca Shaw

Having a THON family is one of the greatest opportunities an organization can receive. Here at Alpha Zeta, we are proud to announce that after a lot of hard work and patience, we have a THON family of our own. Chase Kemberling is a four-year-old boy battling cancer. He lives in Lebanon, Pa., with his five-year-old brother Travis and parents Emily and Tyler.

Our THON family liaison at Alpha Zeta, Sister Taylor Young, started the application process by attending an Adopt-a-Family workshop at the end of September. After learning the necessary steps to applying for a THON family, Taylor filled out a detailed application supporting why Alpha Zeta wants and deserves a family. On December 2, Alpha Zeta was matched with Chase Kemberling and his family.

"Chase was diagnosed on Oct 29 with Burkett's Lymphoma," says THON chair Jillian Gordon. "If everything goes as planned, he will be going through five months of chemo, after which he will be in remission. The family plans to attend THON weekend as well as make some trips to Alpha Zeta to see us. We are making a trip in December to visit the family for the first time and drop off some Christmas gifts!"

The joy and excitement created by helping a family in need has brought the brothers and sisters of Alpha Zeta together to work even harder to raise money. Sometimes, it's all too easy to get caught up in the money and fundraising more than a neighboring organization. When we think too much about the money, we find ourselves forgetting WHY we THON in the first place. Chase and his family have given the Brotherhood of Alpha Zeta reason behind our fight against pediatric cancer.