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The following Alpha Zeta alums tied the knot in 2012:
Ian Altamuro ('11) married Emily Knable.
Michael Phelps ('09) married Kaylee Vanallen.
Joshua Adams ('09) married Terry Eversole.
Larry "Chip" Ansell ('08) married Sarah Sterman.
Maribeth Ozog ('04) married Travis Uncles.
Ryan Wood ('07) married Heather Gregg.
Jason Spieker ('07) married Anne Hartman.
Randy Koontz ('06) married Amy Colette.
Harrison Hartman ('11) married Lauren Goodhart.
Charlene Barlieb ('09) will marry Adam Tanis in November.
Brandon Frazier ('11) will marry Molly Bonavita in December.

The following Alpha Zeta alums and soon-to-be graduates will be taking the plunge in 2013:
David Spieker ('11) is engaged to Hilary Laughner.
Dr. Daryl Maulfair ('06) is engaged to Suzie Reding.
Nate Boyle ('08) is engaged to Brittany Cratty.
Derek Nissley ('12) is engaged to Sarah Landis.
James Howe ('12) is engaged to Tanya Rice.
Lisa Rankin ('10) is engaged to Tom Kirby.
Mark Lowery ('09) is engaged to Kelly Over.

Next generation Alpha Zetans:
Congratulations also goes to the AZ Moms and Dads who have welcomed a new bundle of joy into their lives in 2012:
Brady Joel, born to Jessica (Rose) Spangler ('09) and Joe Spangler ('08).
Jackson Layne, born to Rachel (Ebert) Cloninger ('07) and Ben Cloninger ('07).

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